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We want to improve the current standards of canine welfare,
and we want to share YOUR stories to help further our cause.

Whether your story is heartwarming or harrowing, we want to hear from you.

  • Have you been attacked by a dog?
  • Do other rude dogs affect your and your dog?
  • Has your dog been attacked by another dog?
  • Do you have a heartwarming story about your training journey?
  • Has your change over to a fresh diet improved your dog's life?

  • We promote relationship-based training and healthy lifestyles;
    any stories you can share that raise awareness of the importance of these things are extremely valuable to our cause.

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    “proHOUND was established:
    to collaboratively centralise and circulate credible and scientific fact;
    to dispel 1) misinformation 2) disinformation 3) pseudoscience and 4) propaganda;
    to share know-how; and to influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine."

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