Not Your Typical Rehoming Service

The shelter system is broken.

Instead of prioritising behavioural & genetic needs, the current system is to prioritise bizarre requirements such as a need for open-plan houses, 6-foot high fences and no seeing other dogs, ever.

Unnecessary behavioural euthanasia is all too common.

proHOUND® is here to support anyone open to exploring the other options available and giving their dog the gift of another chance.

It is a core priority at proHOUND® to keep dogs away from the mainstream shelter system. Despite a strong effort, mainstream shelters are unable to give the nation’s unwanted dogs what they need. These dogs require someone willing to strike the beauty that is balance.

Potential Rehomes

If you are interested in any of the above dogs, or need to find a new home for your current dog, please LOG IN to myHOUND.

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“proHOUND was established:
to collaboratively centralise and circulate credible and scientific fact;
to dispel 1) misinformation 2) disinformation 3) pseudoscience and 4) propaganda;
to share know-how; and to influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine."

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