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  • Do you seek reputable and credible information in a very confusing and money driven-industry?

  • Do you wish to gain knowledge and know-how to help you and your dog live your lives to the maximum?

  • Do you not only like the sound of the above but also the idea of helping to fund the first mission of its kind (the mission to objectively tackle what is best for each individual dog)?

  • Our innovative mission is funded in the form of reputable and credible information (a rarity in this shambolic industry) inside our myHOUND platform, satisfying our immediate short-term mission.

    Our myHOUND memberships give you access to the very best information out there, allowing you and your dog to tackle a range of issues and improve a wide variety of aspects to your life.

    THANK YOU - your donations in the form of memberships goes straight into helping us raise awareness and fund our long-term goals, thereby improving the lives of dogs all over the nation every day.

    proHOUND has all sorts of resources - whether you're a first-time dog owner, an individual actively working through reactivity, a dog owner looking for a 'job' for your dog in the form of nose work or trick training, or a professional looking to enhance their CPD, it's all here in myHOUND and there's something for everyone.

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    myHOUND Mini
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  • Unlimited playback functionality

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    myHOUND Standard
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  • Webinar Wednesdays: add to account every fortnight
  • Book Club (Tuesdays): discounted entry
  • Dog Neutrality Database (1x credits/2 weeks)
  • 50% off replay tickets for historical online events (if out-with quota)
  • Premium resources
  • Save and earn with Referral Scheme
  • Discount codes from Recommended Product Providers

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    myHOUND Giant
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    'Standard' AND
  • Webinar Wednesdays: add to account every week
  • Book Club (Tuesdays): unlimited access
  • Dog Neutrality Database (1x credit/5 days)
  • 75% off replay tickets for historical online events (if out-with quota)
  • 5% off Shadow Programme
  • 20% off in-person events
  • Ability to apply for proHOUND-approved Stooge

  • myHOUND Lifetime
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    What's in Lifetime?
    'Giant' AND
  • 10% off Shadow Programme
  • 25% off in-person events
  • Automatic access to all replays (100% off)
  • Dog Neutrality Database: unlimited usage
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    “proHOUND was established:
    to collaboratively centralise and circulate credible and scientific fact;
    to dispel 1) misinformation 2) disinformation 3) pseudoscience and 4) propaganda;
    to share know-how; and to influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine."

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